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This section is dedicated to Guttorm Vik, who wrote StrongED and StrongHelp, and to Fred Graute who is maintaining and extending them both.

For many years I only used Edit when programming, having tried early versions of Zap and StrongED. At about the start of 1997 I tried both of these again, and for a time preferred Zap, before finding re-configuration was not to my taste. I settled on StrongED and have not looked back.

For my own convenience I have designed several StrongED modes, but as these have not been polished and properly documented I have kept them to myself. I may be making these available here in the future.
Document Mode Display folded, coloured text files.
Gutenberg Mode Prepare Project Gutenberg EBooks for display.
Kappa Bitmap Boldish character set.

StrongHelp is such a useful way of giving help to a user that I try to provide a manual for my Software projects. I do not always include this in the main download, so one way of getting a feel for my work is to get the manual first.

The BASIC manual is intended to be part of the RISC OS manuals set.

Basic Manual Comprehensive BASIC information.
SpellMod Manual Impression Spell module.
StringUtils Manual String Uilities module
ExtBASasm Manual Extended BASIC assembler module.
RegexLib/RegEx Manuals GNU Regular Expression Library/Risc OS module