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RFSFiles - ResourceFS file manager
There are several programs that can generate a module containing files to be included in ResourceFS, and the utility 'AddApp' can add a reference to an application to ResourceFS, but I do not know of a simple way to just put a file there.

RFSFiles provides *commands and SWIs add and remove files, loading them into the relocatable module area (RMA) with a ResourceFS header and then registering them.

It also makes it simple to use sprites, messages, templates and BASIC library files in ResourcesFS. It has special features to help manage shared resources.

The RFSFiles module itself is ~1550 bytes, but it has quite a lot of documentation and other bits, so the archive is much more.

Versions from 0.95 are 32-bit compatible.

RFSFiles 0.95 zipfile;
RFSFiles manual zipfile.