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Example Basalt applications
These are variety of small applications I have written using Basalt, exploiting the Toolbox features. Some of them are more or less complete and possibly useful, the others just to show what might be done. You might be surprised how compact they can be.

BasicApp is a copy of the AppBasic equivalent, just to show that Basalt is another way of programming the Toolbox.

MinApp is the Toolbox manual app rewritten in BASIC.

FileDiff checks two files to find if they are different and was written after a newsgroup discussion.

HongKong is a reasonably polished version of Mahjong patience written to show that a game is quite reasonably written with the Toolbox.

MouseInfo is a fairly close copy, with permission, of Steve Revill's !Routines demo application; it shows information about objects under the pointer.

TboxCalc is the Toolbox manual app rewitten in BASIC, and made to actually work; it is a tiny desktop calculator.

TypeFiles is another app written after a newsgroup discussion; it type filenames in directories with a filetype subscript after a comma.

BasicApp zipfile
MinApp zipfile
FileDiff zipfile
HongKong zipfile
MouseInfo zipfile
TboxCalc zipfile
TypeFiles zipfile