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These are the files that can be downloaded from this site. They include software of various sorts and also miscellaneous files that I have put up for all sorts of reasons.

All software is released under the modified BSD licences, even if this is not stated in the older files. This means that you can do what you like with it, but do not blame me if anything goes wrong.


These are modules I have written over the last couple of decades. They are 26/32-bit neutral unless otherwise stated. The more useful/important ones are at the top. Most include a StrongHelp manual, but these can be downloaded separately.

Basalt icon Basalt is "BASIC Alternative keywords", a comprehensive extension of BASIC V that should work with all system. It has its own pages

Download: Version 1.75 ; Manual

Requires other modules to support some features: Toolbox, RegEx, TimerMod, Reporter, ArmSort, DDEUtils, Call, MCPIO

RFSFiles icon RFSFiles allows you to flexibly add and remove files to and from ResourcesFS without having to write a module. It also has features to make using some files in ResourcesFS simpler. More...

Download: Version 0.97 ;

BASICHelp icon BASICHelp provides *commands to display help on BASIC keywords and assembler instructions. It was written because BASIC itself does not do this for the VFP/NEON instructions on newer processors. It has a novel way of using the *command interface and is not yet registered. Comments are welcome.

Download: Version 0.30

MCPIO icon MCPIO provides an IIC interface to the MCP82170 IO chip, as well as to 8 GPIO pins. It runs exclusively on the Raspberry Pi. The MCP chip is on the Ciseco SliceOfPI/O board as well as others.

Download: Version 0.30 ;

Float icon Float enables programs to use the the floating point instructions of VFP enabled processors. It defaults to the FPA instructions when VFP is not available. The VFP instructions do not extend to trancendental functions such as Sine and Exponential so these are provided with fast routines. Float is not yet registered. Comments are welcome.

Download: Version 0.65 ;

Call icon Call enables tasks to use the facilities of OS_CallAfter and OS_CallEvery without having to be a module. It works by sending Wimp Messages to the task. More...

Download: Version 0.30 ;

Basil icon Basil is "BASIC Shared Installed Libraries". It provides a way to share BASIC libraries among multiple programs. The current version has multiple instantiations so that different lists can exist and name conflicts can be avoided. More...

Download: Version 1.41 ;

RFSApps icon RFSApps provides *commands for removing and restoring applications in the Resources.$.Apps folder. It was written for RO 3.70 and has not been updated, so not 32-bit. More...

Download: Version 0.92

Basilica icon Basilica is not actually a module, but a skeleton assembler source to produce BASIC library modules. These can be stand-alone or for use with Basil. It has not been touched for many years, so not 32-bit.

Download: Version u/k


These are example applications to illustrate the use of Basalt. All of them use the Toolbox features of Basalt.

BasaltApp icon BasaltApp is a skeleton Basalt Toolbox application that can be used as the basis for further development. It includes a short guide to writing Basalt applications.

Download: Version 0.04

Includes Basalt; Requires Toolbox

BasicApp icon BasicApp is a very simple application that replicates the one with the same name used as an example by AppBasic. It illustrates how much briefer a Basalt application can be.

Download: Version 0.01

Includes Basalt; Requires Toolbox

FileDiff icon FileDiff compares two files and reports how they differ. It does not identify where the differences are.

Download: Version 0.10

Includes Basalt; Requires Toolbox

HongKong icon HongKong is a version of MahJong patience. It illustrates how a fully-functioning game can be written with Basalt and the Toolbox.

Download: Version 1.67

Includes Basalt; Requires Toolbox, Call

MinApp icon MinApp is the example application from the UIT manual. It has a complex desktop interface, but actually does nothing.

Download: Version 0.03

Requires: Toolbox

MouseInfo icon MouseInfo is directly derived from Steve Revill's Routines libraries application of the same name, with his permission. This version adds some extra features.

Download: Version 1.50

Includes Basalt; Requires Toolbox

OpenDirs icon OpenDirs was written in response to a newsgroup request. It opens and closes multiple nested diectories in an overlapping tree. The development was very quick, because the desktop part required very little effort with Basalt and Toolbox.

Download: Version 0.20

Includes Basalt; Requires Toolbox

TBoxCalc icon TBoxCalc is the example application from the UIT manual. It uses an almost identical Res file to the C application, but does have some additional features.

Download: Version 0.05

Requires: Toolbox

TypeFiles icon TypeFiles was written in response to newsgroup request. It sets the type of multiple files at once. The development was very quick, because the desktop part required very little effort with Basalt and Toolbox.

Download: Version 0.10

Requires: Toolbox


These are BASIC libraries. Several were written to test ideas for Basalt, but may be used without it. Others were written so that I could understand more about RISC OS.

Strings icon Strings implements long strings using the BASIC string variable type. More...

Download: Version 0.53 ;

Includes the Heap library.

Structs icon Structs implements named structures applied to blocks of memory. More...

Download: Version 0.72 ;

Includes the Heap library.

Longs icon Longs implements long/double integers using the BASIC integer variable type. More...

Download: Version 0.32 ;

Includes the Heap library.

DrawIt icon DrawIt enables Draw files to be constructed and displayed from BASIC. It uses a structured approach and differs in several ways from other Draw libraries. More...

Download: Version 0.20 ;

Includes the Heap libary.

Heap icon Heap comprises a single function that implements a dynamic heap above HIMEM. The heap grows and shrinks the wimpslot to be as economical as possible.

Download: Version 0.93


These are StrongHelp manuals. Those written for my sofware can be downloaded as separate items above. Here are those for software that others have written and that I wanted the convenience of a manual for. They nearly all have permission from the authors.

Basic icon Basic is a comprehensive survey of BBC BASIC built up over the years with help from many sources. More...

Download: Version 3.60

ExtBASasm icon ExtBASasm is for Darren Salt's "Extended BASIC Assembler", which I use for nearly all my work. More...

Download: Version 0.10

numbers icon Numbers is for Nick Craig-Wood's "Numbers", a module for manipulating big numbers.

Download: Version 0.10

RegEx icon RegEx is for the RegEx module by Neil Bird, updated by Steffan Bellon. To use regex expressions you should also have the RegexLib manual, which documents the GNU Regular Expression Library. More...

Download: RegEx Version 0.30 ; RegexLib Version 0.15

SpellMod icon SpellMod is for Computer Concepts' Impression Spell module. It is ancient, but is still used by StrongED, amongst other programs. More...

Download: Version 0.98

StringUtils icon StringUtils is for the module written by Paul Burns and published in Acorn User in 1995. I used it briefly for long strings in Basalt a good while ago. More...

Download: Version 0.90

VFP icon VFP documents the VFP and NEON instructions available in recent version of the BASIC assembler. I developed it as more convenient than the BASICHelp module. It uses extensive information supplied by Jeffrey Lee. VFP now documents the VFPSupport module in RO 5. Version 0.30+ documents the VFP special registers. Version 0.40+ documents the ARMv8 additions.

Download: Version 0.42

NFHeaps icon NFHeaps is for Andrew Booker's Non-fragmenting Heaps module, which I explored briefly in the early days of Basalt.

Download: Version 0.02


Crunchie icon Crunchie is a BASIC cruncher utility written in BASIC. It is still indevelopment but may be useful. It is used to crunch a large and complex commercial application successfully.

The latest version has some changes to the command-line keywords, so the manual should be read again.

Download: Version 0.93

AppUtils icon AppUtils is a set of utilities for manipulating the pseudo-applications in the Resources Apps directory, to make sub-directories and remove the ROM apps.

They are written in BASIC and use my RFSFile module.

Version 0.23 puts the utilities in a module using my Basilisk utility. The use is identical, calling them as *commands rather than running files on the File$Path.

Download: Version 0.23