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Basil - BAsic Shared Installed Libraries
The idea behind Basil is to use the same BASIC code for many programs without having to load new copies each time. It does this by loading libraries into the relocatable module area (RMA) and linking them to BASIC programs using the redundant INSTALLLIST pointer. The interface is straightforward, with only 5 SWIs.

From version 1.10, libraries can be in modules that install and remove themselves to the Basil library list. RFSFiles integrates closely with Basil.

The Basil module itself is ~2500 bytes, but it has quite a lot of documentation and other bits, so the archive is much more.

From version 1.30 Basil supports multiple independent library lists. There is also a change in the recommended API to *commands and support for library resource applications.

This is a major development and makes Basil a lot more flexible and removes problems with conflicting routine names and the undefined order in which libraries appear in the single list. Any maintainer of a library system should be urged to make it a shared one.

Versions from 1.40 are 32-bit compatible, and there are some small but significant changes.

Basil 1.41 zipfile;
Basil manual zipfile.

There are also manuals for the Basil libraries included with Basil.

£Core manual zipfile;
£Utils manual zipfile.